Pictures of my grandparents and family from father's side (left) and mother's side (right)

These internet pages and the genealogy database are created and maintained by W. Leo Meerts. Almost all my genealogical data is published here. Much of the information (in particualr the data from Dworp, Belgium and the connections to The Netherlands) has been collected by my nephew Jean Joseph Meerts. The amount of work he invested in the research of the Meerts family stimulated me to present the data on this web page and to continue collecting more information and updating the existing data.

Three main branches are found:

It is currently assumed that the first two branches are descendants from the last one Meerte. The arguments for the Belgium-Netherlands branch are very strong, those for the Limburg branch are more speculative.

Other information:

I like to acknowledge the help of many persons who communicated additions, corrections and details with me.

I have extensively made use of the Rijksarchief in België and refer to their site and scans of the archives. If you want to follow the direct source links given on my webpages you will have to create an account. For clearity the full links to the Microfisches are not shown, but can be reached by pressing on the link. You are then lead to the proper book/scanned micofische, but you will have to chose the page number. In general I give two numbers: The first one refers to the scanned page (that is the one to use), the second one to the actual page in the book. Un fortunately the Rijksarchief decided to change the http-links to their webpages sometime around the beginning of 2023. I changed the links according to their new format, but it is possibe some of the old links have remained.

In this databases you will encounter three special categories of names: The currently formatted webpages are created with Gene Stark's GED2HTML program (version 3.1a) with minor modifications to the default HTML template. Unfortunately Gene Stark discontinued the support of this software as well as the download page. For individuals born before 1814 the "Baptism" date rather than the "Birth" date is shown.