The Limburg Branch

Besides the two Belgium/Dutch branches there are also data known about a branch in Limburg (around Tegelen/Venlo, The Netherlands) with forefathers Antonius Meerts (o 5 Apr 1661), Johannes Meertz (o 20 Jan 1669) and Leonardus Meertz (o 26 Apr 1671). These three are brothers with Maria Mertz (o 25 Nov 1659) as their sister. However, the father of Antonius, Johannes, Leonardus and Maria Gerardt in de Leijmkamp as well as at least two generations of ancestors carry the name in de Leijmkamp. This last name is still found together with Meerts for several generations, mostly as an alias. The name "in de Leijmkamp" (found in different writings) refers to a  farm in Overtegelen (near Tegelen, Limburg, The Netherlands). Going back in time we find again the name Meerts in Henryck Mertz (o around 1545) as father of  Theiss im Leimkamp, grandfather of Gerardt in de Leimkamp. We can follow the ancestors of Henryck back another 5 generations to Peter Mertz (o about 1405). There are a number of arguments to assume that Peter Mertz is related with the Meerte family originating around Brussels (Belgium).

  Family tree of the early Limburg Meerts Branch around Tegelen

In addition to the above mentioned branch another important branch with the family name Meerts was found in Weert  (Limburg, The Netherlands). At the moment its most likely patriach is identified as Gerrit Meerts (Decendents of Gerrit Meerts). In the archives of the city Weert we find many references. The city of Weert had important trading relations with Antwerp (Belgium) in particular woolen fabric (Lakenhandel). In the archive of Weert we find a reference to Mert Meerts as "werkmeester of the Wool Guild". It is quite likely that the Meerts branch found in Weert originates from Antwerp where a large number of the Meerts family was living as well. The Antwerp branch again is related to the Brussel's branch. The Meerts family belonged to the nobilty of Weert. Three of them Peeter Meerts, Mathijs Meerts and Johannes Meerts (o 26 Jun 1715) have been mayor of Weert. Documented knowledge is known about Servatius Meerts (o around 1618) and his decendents. As far as we know this branch died out in male line after Conrardus Meerts sun of Johannes Meerts (+ 25 oct 1774). The female line continued to the present time through Ida Catharina Meerts. Until now no connection is found between the Weert and Tegelen branches. Additionally quite some unpublished information on the Weert branch is known to the author.

  Family tree of the Meerts Branch in Weert

There are still more Meerts data in Limburg (The Netherlands), until now uncorrelated with the before mentioned branches. A proof that a Meerts family was also present in the south of dutch Limburg before 1600 is found in: Johannis Matthias Meerts (o around 1594, married in Maastricht).

Much of the data presented here of the Limburg branch are persons born/married/died in the triangle Venlo-Weert-Roermond (including nearby villages) with an extension to Germany (Johann Hubert Meerts, father Gerard Hubert Meerts).

The current Limburg database contains 3430 persons. The number of families is 1284.
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Much of the information of the "Limburg branch" has been collected by Jean Joseph Meerts. and Clemens Meerts. The author of this Webpage (W. Leo Meerts) has sorted out much of the information and removed many of the redundancies in the raw data. Clarity about the connection between in de Leijmkamp and Meerts has brought by Harry Huijs. Further insight in the earlier generation of "in de Leijmkamp" was suggested by Stef Vossen with remarks from Hans Timmermans. Stef Vossen also suggested the link between the Meerte family and Limbug branch. The major relations in the Meerts branch in Weert is suggested by W. Leo Meerts.

I especially like to thank Loe Giesen who allowed me to use his large database on the Limburg region. This has been very helpful to resolve many missing links.

Much help were also the transcriptions of the church registers of Tegelen (Limburg, The Netherlands) by Toine Hendriks.

A great deal of the information on the Caris family was obtained from Adeline Caris.

Furthermore several persons communicated additions, corrections and details with me.