The Meerte Family

The Meerte familie is widely spread in Belgium mainly around Brussels and Antwerp. It is a familie of nobities and the name is found even in very old archives. The direct branch goes back to Hendric Meerte born around 1215. The oldest found reference dates from 1100 "Heer Reynier Clutinc, geheeten Zegeler".

The Brussels' families Clutinc, Eggloy, Pipenpoy, Meerte and others are all related through the lineage Serhuyghs and they directly decent from Charlemagne and the french royal house Capetiens via Sir Hughes. More background information on Charlemagne is found on Wikipedia page. A number of historical quotes is discussed here.

It is certain that the Belgium-Netherlands branch is related
 to the Meerte family. Furthermore there exist serious indications that the Limburg branch is also related  to the Meerte family.

The basic information of the early Meerte family has been obtained a series of papers by Dr. Jan Lindemans published in "Eigen Schoon en De Brabander" in 1935-36. Corrections, additional information as well as the connection to Charlemagne (Karel de Grote) was collected from the Geneanet and Wikipedia websites.

  Decendents of Charlemagne This pedigree mainly shows the decendents of Charlemagne in the Flemmish nobility, in particular to the Meerte branch appearing in generations XXI through XXV.
Family tree of the Brussels-Dworp Meerte-Meerts Branch

The current Meerte database contains 3048 persons. The number of families is 1539.
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On the web site of Dirk Meert you can find a large fraction of the geneology of Meert/Meerte.