The van Muylicom/van Mulikom Family

This page presents the data of the Muylicom/Mulicom/ family. This is a family that is found origionally in and around Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and held many officces in the magistrate of the city of Nijmegen and the county of Gelre (Province of Gelderland). The family name has been spelled in a number of different ways. One finds: de Muylich, de Mulinchem, van Muylickom, van Mulickom, van Mullekom, van Mulekom and van Mulukom. A very large fraction of the information shown here has been collected and ordered by Fons Dobbelaer (Nijmegen) based on the initial data from late Henrica Gradussen-van Mulukom, with contributions from Marianne van Mulukom Almere, Godefridus van Mulekom Geldrop, Willy de Waal Afferden en Ton van Mulukom Oosterhout/Gld. Juni 2003/juni 2013/januari 2016. The data in this database go back to Henricus de Muylich born around 1355. Most of the family history takes place in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and Deest/Afferden/West Maas en Waal, west from Nijmegen.


First we give a list of very likely forefathers of Willem van Muylickom Jansz. born in 1468

    Henricus de Muylich, born around 1355

married: unknown

    Jo(han) de Mulinchem (1378 - 1455)

narried 1410 (1) Elisabeth van Rijswijck
children with Elisabeth: Gesa,Willem, Peter, Mette, Gertrude
married 1432 (2) Katharina

    Willem de Mulinchem, born around 1414

married 1440 Mechteld Harnasmaeker
children: Ryck, Jan, Peter (judge at Gent (Gelderland, Netderland)), Willem, Robbert, Zebardus married with Gudeln Ryckland

    Jan van Muylickom (1442 - 1483)

married 1467 (1) Bate (Beate) NN
children with Bate: only known Willem (van Muylickom Jansz.)
(2) Aleid van der Laurik


Decendents of Henricus de Muylich
Because of complexity not all individuals and relations are found in this decendent tree. The full list is found in the Full text given below.


Selected text of the Henricus de Muylich decendents

Full text of the Muylicom/Mulikom Family (No index)
Pedigree of Marianne Christine Eleonore van Mulukom
    Former butchery of Wilhelmus Antonius van Mulukom, Ridderstraat 19, Den Bosch, Now: De Graaf van Altona