Meerts/Mertz in Amersfoort

Much of the information has been made available by the Society Old Soest (Vereniging Oud Zoest). The current database is centered around the Merts/Mertz family name origional coming from Mannheim (Germany) but settled around Amersfoort and Soest (The Netherlands).
  Decendents of Johann Georg Mertz

The current Amersfoort database contains 246 persons. The number of families is 97.
Last update of the Amersfoort database 2 Apr 2020, 17:09:19.

Amersfoort database: Index of Persons
An index of all individuals in the genealogy database.
Amersfoort database: Surname Index
An alphabetical list of all surnames in the database.
Downloading the lastest version of the complete (public) Amersfoort database in GEDCOM format (46kB)

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